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On Belief: Letters From God II

The Three Things Everyone Needs To Be Happy Something to BELIEVE in. Someone to LOVE. Something to CHASE. First, notice this is a list and the order matters!  You can't chase or love something if you don't believe in something.... Continue Reading →


Fighting in the Name of God

What is more ridiculous than killing in the name of God?  You can call him God, or Allah, or haShem, Shiva, El, Elohim...Buddy?  I don't really think that the Master of Everything cares to be named, let alone watch the... Continue Reading →

On Love

There are no relationships but by belief.  To not believe is to deny love, therefore there can be no relationship with anyone.  Belief in love is the only love there is, there is no love from the ego, no love... Continue Reading →

Teaching Children Self-Belief

Maybe the most important thing you can ever teach children is to believe they are capable, to believe in themselves.  I remember watching "The Goonies" as a kid, how many parents would ever let their kids get into that kind... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Success As an Artist

Just wanted to reblog this amazing article on being an artist, following your heart, and living the dream.

What I Hope My Kids Learn From Me

All good parents worry whether or not they are screwing up their children as adults. If you don't worry about it you're a crappy parent. I woke up late one night after a dream where one of my children ran... Continue Reading →

On Being: What Would God Say? (1)

Most people will think I am crazy for what I am about to post here.  For two reasons: (1) they are filled with fear or (2) they are filled with fear. Fear. A silly little thing that the ego wants... Continue Reading →

How to Find Your Purpose

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  Why do I have to BE something?  Why can't I just be? There is a great TED talk given by a then 13 year old on something called Hackschooling.... Continue Reading →

On Getting Away From a Narcissistic Partner

Everyone knows one. They are charming and witty, successful, and charismatic. Up until a certain point. Then they are the worst people on the planet. Research shows that more men are narcissists than women, but the field admits that Narcissistic... Continue Reading →

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